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Wooden Propellers

The best or nothing

Our constantly designing en developing in different wood types and different shapes, by our own R&D engineer followed by testing on benches and in the field, has resulted in this generation, weight to power ratio propellers.

Every single wooden propeller is made of a 5 multi layer laminated selection of best wood type's as Beech and white Ash specially treated for propeller build.

These top quality woods are selected to have max power, more strength, more comfort, less vibration and less noise.

Our propeller are lighter, perfect balanced, have more durability, a faster spool up, and will have higher revs. Our propellers will give you a noticeable difference in climb rate.

Our goal was reached by manufacturing a top quality wooden propeller that is still low in price.

We can guarantee

  • Greater climb rate
  • Less cooning
  • Excellent quality finish
  • Beautiful 5 layer multicolor wood design
  • Designed for those who want the best