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Black - Carbon Fiber Propellers

The choice of champions

Every single fiber propeller is handmade, finished, balanced and tested in our own factory. There are different quality's in fibers, but we use only the best one, the aeronautical quality fibers. Carbon fiber is one of the world strongest construction materials available at the moment. When engineered in the right way carbon fiber will have the strength and stiffness of a metal part only much lighter.

These properties of carbon fiber such as high tensile strength low weight and low thermal expansion make it very popular in , Aircraft industry, military, motorsport along with other competition sports.

Our light weight propellers have an incredible strength to weight ratio.

Extreme life time span

They will not explode by impact.

  • Resists chipping or sand blasting (by beach or desert flying)
  • No excessive blade wears at long grass runways
  • A two piece propeller, extremely easy to assemble
  • 100% only aeronautical quality fibers been used

The black carbon fiber propeller comes with a beautiful finish.
A glossy pitch black color or for our latest 2011 models, a touch of micro multi colored metal chips, for even more reinforcement of the epoxy topcoat