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3D - Carbon Fiber Propellers

If quality matters

Carbon fiber has proved his quality widely in the aerospace branch. The extremely thin fibers are about 0,005- 0,010 mm in diameter.

Several thousands of those fibers are twisted together in yarns and woven in to a fabric used by our engineers.
The interior structure of these propellers is all carbon fiber, no foam, no fillers but 100% carbon fiber fabrics

Our 3D - propellers are build as a 3-D carbon fiber see trough construction, with top quality clear epoxy resin,100% transparent and UV resistant.

Now also available: The Fancy carbon fiber glass propellers. Here we used some fancy color yarns to produce the propeller, and that resulted in some special effects

  • The Fancy carbon is available in Blue or Gold
  • These propellers have a superior performance
  • Remarkable fuel saving
  • Advanced stability
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Aeronautical quality carbon fibers with 100% clear epoxy resign
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Pure Flying fun
  • Everything you need to add another dimension to your flying